Our History

We have helped bridge gaps, establish relationships and provided practical advice in supporting business in Asia for over 45 years  particularly in Thailand and (in the last 5 years , Myanmar); and have guided many in understanding and navigating the cultural and regulatory nuances within the various countries that our clients choose to operate in.

Our Focus

We focus on structuring and guiding Asia domestic and cross-border investment strategy.

Our Services

Advice and support in all aspects of corporate and commercial matters required for successful set up and operation in Asia, including :

transfer of good practical knowledge

of the issues involved in cross-border commercial trade and investment in Asia and how to successfully navigate them

a range of specific services,

not limited to :

  • country briefings
  • cultural appreciation
  • connection with potential customers or partners
  • participating as a Thai partner / investor
  • government liaison
  • understanding of the regulatory environment
  • structural operating options
  • assistance in selection of appropriate legal, accounting, auditing, recruitment and other professional services
  • liaison with the chosen professional advisers, and increasing the efficiency of their use and the economy of their services
  • support in various other aspects of establishment and maintenance of operation
  • acting as in-country agents or representatives,
  • acting as directors of local entities
  • coaching and mentoring of senior staff
mobilization of our extensive networks

within Asia and Globally into which clients can be connected as appropriate to their needs.